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Latin Americans Face Economic Crisis

Jose Guerrero Coronado, Columnist

October 7, 2015

The good economic fortunes of the United States have been rough on Latin American economies. Steady job growth and good performance in the retail, automotive, and housing industries have lured investors from all over the world to invest in the American economy. The Federal Reserve recently announced it ...

The Paradox of Private Bookstores

The Paradox of Private Bookstores

Claire Ommen, Features writer

September 24, 2015

With the beginning of the new academic year, all students feel the financial pressure of buying textbooks. With a steady increase in the price of textbooks in the last ten years, many students have sought alternatives to purchasing traditional textbooks. Students see e-books or retailers such as Amazon...

Comedian Russell Brand Raises Important Issues

Comedian Russell Brand Raises Important Issues

Bill Landefeld

October 31, 2013

Do you ever think about what you would say if a BBC news anchor interviewed you? Would you take the opportunity to talk about why you never vote, the growing income gap around the world, your former drug addiction and how lovely your interviewer's beard looks? Or would you simply answer the questi...

Limited Scope of Political Discourse Obscures Injustice

Limited Scope of Political Discourse Obscures Injustice

Julia Stone

October 31, 2012

With the presidential election only a few weeks away, the country's political discourse is as loud as ever. Yet I remain increasingly frustrated by the limited scope of analysis and restrained understanding of the issues public figures are willing to engage in. The scope of public political discourse has become so narrow that larger issues of social, economic and et...

‘Communist China’ does not follow strict notion of communism; has capitalist values


December 8, 2011

When people think of China, one of the things that pops into their heads is communism. In America, there is uneasiness when we hear the word communism. Though the feeling is not as pronounced as in the Cold War Era, it still exists in trace amounts. A popular notion of communism envisions people living...

La Más Importante


August 31, 2011

It wouldn't be the last time that my mom would "save" me in anything. Although I am just a host daughter, I am still part of the family, and therefore it is very important that she helps me in most everything I do. When I sat down for the first time at the table after arriving to Mendoza, my host aunt...

Banks consider fees targeting responsible consumers

Bryant Fong

November 11, 2009

Think you are safe with good credit? Think again. The banks are at it again. First National Bank, which sets up credit cards with many local banks, and Bank of America are experimenting with a new fee targeting people who have good credit ratings. This is a response to the new federal credit card...

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