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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Illustration by Payton Davies

Can we save the environment by purchasing it?

Nat Lange, Science & Environment Writer December 7, 2023

With course offerings like The Cultural and Literary Life of Rivers, Power, Pipelines and Dispossession, and Communism, Socialism and the Environment, the Whitman Environmental Studies program does...

Washington State minimum wage increases

Sebastian Squire, News Reporter February 2, 2023

The minimum wage for Washington State increased by $1.25 on Jan. 1, 2023, due to an annual adjustment. The Washington State Department of Labor and Industries announced the change on Sept. 30, 2022, citing...

Illustration by Keeli McKern.

The state of inflation in our nation

Charlotte Wilken, News Reporter November 3, 2022

While inflation has always been a pressing issue in the minds of the American people, the possibility that it might lower tax rates for some in 2023 has made it more relevant to some populations. Inflation...

Matthew Kahn addresses the business side of climate change

Isabella Hunter, Campus Life Reporter November 4, 2021

Last Wednesday Matthew Kahn, Provost Professor of Economics at USC gave a zoom lecture called “Adapting to Climate Change: Markets and the Management of an Uncertain Future” wherein he proposed his...

Vast majority of Whitman trustees studied social sciences in undergrad

Andrew Schwartz, News Editor May 4, 2017

Attention is turned to the Board of Trustees this week as the group convenes for its annual Spring overseers meeting. We looked into the educational backgrounds of the board and found that it is dramatically...

Econ Major Sonnet

Trevor Lewis, Humor Writer November 10, 2016

I’ve heard it said that art majors are hot. And to economics majors I say That we reside inside the realm of not. And though I love our curves of yield today, Compare they can’t to all...

Board Editorial: Corporate Language Betrays Whitman’s Purpose

November 5, 2015
This institution is being run like a business, not a college.
Student Entrepreneur Senior Alecia Lindsay Pursues Photography Passion

Student Entrepreneur Senior Alecia Lindsay Pursues Photography Passion

James Kennedy February 20, 2014
Most college-level photographers aspiring to make money off of professional portraits have been interested in a photography career for many years. Senior Alecia Lindsay, however, only needed a spontaneous burst of passion.
U.S. Reliance on Foreign Oil Creates Sizeable Price

U.S. Reliance on Foreign Oil Creates Sizeable Price

Dani Hupper December 12, 2013
Only thrilling news could follow such an uplifting title. But alas, our nation’s foreign oil dependency is far from optimistic.

David Williams Looks to Progressive Economic Theory to Re-Orient Business

River Sterne October 3, 2013
Alumnus David Williams '67, former CEO of Shoreline Banking, believes in business that promotes sustainability in three categories: people, planet and profit. His lecture, titled "Making Money is a Result, Not a Purpose," advocated for the beneficial role businesses should play in the community.
Alternate Universe Spells Trouble

Alternate Universe Spells Trouble

Nathan Fisher September 26, 2013
So another Harry Potter movie? See how movie reviewer Nathan Fisher feels about that.
Whitman Group Rafts the Grand Canyon

Whitman Group Rafts the Grand Canyon

Tristan Gavin March 7, 2013
Devin Kuh leads a group of Whitman students and alumni through the Grand canyon on a Spring Break rafting trip.
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