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Pay to Play? Club Sports Stretch to Cover Funding Shortfalls

Conor Scanlon, Staff Reporter

March 9, 2017

Filed under SPORTS

Including 11 teams and hundreds of athletes, Club Sports at Whitman play a massive role in the lives of many students. With so many teams applying for and deserving of funding, it is not always easy to decide where the money goes. Historically, teams have been left with more questions than answers. Howev...

ASWC to continue review of college chaperone policy

Maegan Nelson

October 18, 2012

Filed under NEWS

Over the years, policies instilled by the college have evolved based on their usability and popularity for the student body. Students historically have never been hesitant to take it upon themselves to be the driving forces behind this change. One such policy that students are looking to reexamine this...

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