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End of an era: The life, death of Harry Potter fan culture

Sara Rasmussen March 13, 2012

"We're here because we love Harry Potter, but we're not here for Harry Potter. We're here to celebrate the stuff being created around Harry Potter." So spoke Hank Green, an entrepreneur perhaps...

The Circuit, Issue 2

The Circuit, Issue 2

Patricia Vanderbilt March 13, 2012

Does anyone else get a serious case of the winter blahs every February? I spent a fair amount of time last month searching "beach vacation" on Google and imagining I was somewhere with sand and sun––somewhere...

‘First Aid Kit’ delicately probes wounds of the soul

caitlinhardee March 13, 2012

As March winds chill your bones and roil the skies in a haze of gray, revel in the melancholy for a moment and tune your ears to the sweet sorrow of Swedish folk-pop act First Aid Kit. Consisting of sisters...

‘Half the Sky’ an eye-opening look at women’s issues in developing countries

The Editors March 13, 2012

This review was contributed by Karin Tompkins "Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women," a nonfiction book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn,...

I never thought this could happen at Whitman.

I never thought this could happen at Whitman.

Rachel Alexander March 13, 2012

Note: Although both perpetrators and victims of sexual assault can be any gender, all of the people who were willing to speak to me for this article about being sexually assaulted were women who had...

“The Descendants” captures powerful, emotive picture of family love

Nathan Fisher March 13, 2012

Every weekend I try to entice my Jewett Hall buddies to join me while I "work" by watching a movie––usually, a mindless bloody action adventure is an easy draw. Surprisingly, last weekend I persuaded...

Maple Counter Café does brisk business with traditional family flavor

Alyssa Fairbanks March 13, 2012

Walking through the massive front doors of Maple Counter Café, one is enveloped by an atmosphere of warm, farmhouse style comfort. This welcoming atmosphere is created by the hard work of Kory and Rachel...

A student’s guide to college cooking

Ellie Newell March 13, 2012

I'm a pretty simple cook. If you absolutely need a recipe for something to turn out well, chances are I'm not going to attempt it. That said, I successfully feed myself and my housemates and can whip up...

Comprehensive guide to campus housing options

Mallory Martin March 13, 2012

With on-campus housing deadlines looming after spring break, I have taken it upon myself to help YOU get as prepared as possible for the housing crunch. So what are your options? Check out my Housing Profiles...

Illustration: Ariel Carter-Rodriguez

The Missionary: A History, A Drama

Matt Tesmond March 13, 2012

The Whitman Missionary is slowly dying. Don't believe me? Take a walk around campus. Count how many times you run into "Marc the Missionary" or even see the term Missionary used. It's harder than playing...

Do you need something glossy in your life?

Do you need something glossy in your life?

Patricia Vanderbilt February 29, 2012

Hey Pio readers! Does anyone want something shiny in their lives? Not to fear, The Pioneer is bringing you Issue 2 of The Circuit; set to arrive just before Spring Break. But wait! There's more!...

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