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We’re Greater Than Our Productivity

Zoe Ingerson '13. Photo by Skye Vander Laan.

May 13, 2013

This column was contributed by senior Zoe Ingerson '13. Like every single one of the millions of college grads that have come before me, I find myself thinking more and more the quintessential question of "Where did the time go?" When did this whole senior graduation thing happen, and how is it that we're standing here, 31 days from graduation? (Although, personal...

Hard Times Teach Us The Most

Heather Domonoske '13. Photos by Skye Vander Laan.

May 13, 2013

This column was distributed by Heather Domonoske '13. I arrived at Whitman looking for a fresh start and the ability to find myself. I pictured smiles, new friends, excursions, dynamic classes, falling in love with four seasons and more. Instead, I was bombarded with a multitude of moments w...

Guide to Summer in Walla Walla

Illustration by Kelsey Lund

Rachel Alexander

May 13, 2013

Come June, the Whitman campus can start to look a bit deserted. However, as anyone who's stayed on campus over a break can attest, Walla Walla doesn't actually shut down just because Whitman's not in session. If you're a grad who's sticking around for a few months, or a student who has summer plans in Walla Walla, don't fear: There's plenty to do once classes ...

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