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Survey Shows Survey Matters

Megumi Rierson, staff writer

April 7, 2016

If you identify as a Whitman student with a pulse, chances are you’ve received a few emails with links to surveys about the various nuances of the privileged existence that society has so carefully crafted for you. Just recently, surveys released have included the Campus Climate survey that apparently ...

Online interactive healthcare removes emotional intelligence

Zan McPherson

April 16, 2015

You're sick and you don't know what ails you. What do you do? Do you go to the doctor or search your symptoms on Google? Just as a wild guess, I'd estimate that you would rather spend thirty minutes or more looking up medical information online than calling the doctor to schedule an appointment. This...

Anti-Racism Coalition Prepares for Spring

Lachlan Johnson

December 12, 2013

Efforts by students, staff and faculty to confront racism on campus have continued in the three-week period between Thanksgiving and Winter Break. Student organizers have come together to form the Coalition Against Racism Everywhere, faculty have passed a motion to cancel classes for a day next spring...

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