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Bex Heimbrock, Opinion Editor October 27, 2022

BeReal is a social media app whose stated mission is to allow users to “discover who your friends really are in their real life.” What ‘real life’ is remains to be seen. The way it works: once...

Meet the meat industry: An article for the curious but unacquainted

Isabella Hunter, Columnist April 1, 2022

TW: Graphic descriptions, link containing graphic content If you’re anything like me, you’ve been vaguely aware of the scope of animal cruelty within the meat industry for the majority of your life....

Illustration by Hannah Paul.

Hey Whitties! Ready for a BetterYou™?

Michael Conlin-Elsen, Columnist April 22, 2021

A strange advertisement appeared to me while I was scrolling through my Instagram stories. It read, “Hey, Whitman students! Ready to become the healthiest version of you this semester? Download BetterYou...

Drawing parallels between self-care and retirement

Zuhra Amini, Columnist March 30, 2017

If you haven’t heard by now, social security is expected to fizzle out partially, if not entirely, by the year 2034. My solution: self-care. But what could I possibly mean by bringing in a practice...

We Have Lost the Fight for the Planet

We Have Lost the Fight for the Planet

Sam Chapman January 24, 2013

In 1970, the first Earth Day brought 20 million Americans––10 percent of the entire population––to a nationwide protest. This was the tail end of the Vietnam Era, when young people were justifiably...

Credit: Douglas

Is conservatism capitalist?

Alex Potter November 15, 2009

When you think conservatism, you probably think capitalism or free-markets. No doubt, your instincts are correct. Yet, this connection that figures so prominently in the minds of Anglo-American conservatives...

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