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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Photo contributed by Zac Bentz

The Wind-Up Birds Soar to New Heights with New Album

Isabel Mathy, Campus Life Reporter February 15, 2024

Throughout their time at Whitman, the Wind-Up Birds gained a dedicated following that has followed the band through various performances scattered across Walla Walla and beyond. The Wind-Up Birds are comprised...

Credit: Allie Felt

Which Bear blends diverse instruments, crafts exotic ‘gypsy jazz’ flavor

Alex Hagen February 16, 2012
Which Bear, a baroque folk band comprised of eight Whitman students, burst onto the local music scene on Friday, Feb. 3 with a buzzed-about Coffeehouse show in the Reid basement.
Credit: Allie Felt

Chatting with Chastity Belt

Mallory Martin December 1, 2011
Composed of seniors Julia Shapiro on vocals and guitar, Gretchen Grimm on drums, Annie Truscott on bass and Lydia Lund on guitar, Chastity Belt was originally inspired by the “angsty teens of Walla Walla," as well as their own personal frustration.
Credit Faith Bernstein

Dabbles in Bloom brings diversity in life, music to campus

caitlinhardee September 22, 2011
Whitman band Dabbles in Bloom discuss their philosophy of fusion, their diverse musical influences and their upcoming plans in Walla Walla.
Members of Dabbles in Bloom - left to right: Jonas Myers 13 (Pianist), Rimmy Dooway 12 (Vocalist), Robby Seager 13 (Drummer). Songwriter Adriel Borshansky 12 is currently studying abroad but is still dedicated to the band and sending songs via email. Photo Credit: Julia Bowman

Spotlight on campus bands

Nate Lessler October 14, 2010
Spotlight on four Whitman bands: Dabbles in Bloom, Plateau, Chastity Belt and Orange Fight.
Credit: Hardee

King Friday shakes up campus bands scene

caitlinhardee November 16, 2009
Drawn to the band after seeing them at a campus party one Saturday, A&E reporter Caitlin Hardee sought out campus band King Friday. Here's her report (with music).
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