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Vol. CLIV, Issue 5
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Climate extremes cover the West Coast: from Walla Walla to California

Lily Yost, News Editor September 15, 2022

A new study published in Science Advances has been released predicting a massive California Megastorm in the near future. Pounding rain and massive floods could fracture one of the largest economies...

How to approach new ethnic curriculums in high school

Nana Kumagai, Columnist November 4, 2021

When have you been challenged to think about your own racial and ethnic identities and your relation to ones that are not your own?  For me, it was mostly at Whitman. The college has given me chances...

Political Plates: Food and California’s Drought

Sarah Cornett February 24, 2016

California’s drought (and that of other western states) isn’t showing signs of improvement. A chronic lack of water has encouraged high temperatures, lowered agricultural production, altered landscapes,...

Arnolds Back in The Last Stand

Arnold’s Back in “The Last Stand”

Nathan Fisher January 24, 2013

After the break, I wanted to start off the new year with a bang. Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen as the sheriff in "The Last Stand" seemed like a good bet. Unfortunately, the Governator's...

Looper delivers futuristic twists, thrills

“Looper” delivers futuristic twists, thrills

Nathan Fisher October 4, 2012
Nathan Fisher takes a look at "Looper," a new futuristic thriller that blends moral dilemmas with time-travel and telekinesis.

Same-sex marriage headed to supreme court, to be decided by one man

Kyle Seasly February 16, 2012
If and when the decision on prop 8 comes before the supreme court, the decision of one justice will mean everything for the gay marriage fight.

Women’s tennis finds focus, fun in California

Tyler Hurlburt March 31, 2011
After a very important spring break trip to southern California, the women's tennis team looks to compete for the top spot in the conference.
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