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Political Plates: Food and California’s Drought

Sarah Cornett

February 24, 2016

California’s drought (and that of other western states) isn’t showing signs of improvement. A chronic lack of water has encouraged high temperatures, lowered agricultural production, altered landscapes, and is beginning to demand significant changes in the way we think about water. The Golden State, ...

Arnold’s Back in “The Last Stand”

Arnold's Back in

Nathan Fisher

January 24, 2013

After the break, I wanted to start off the new year with a bang. Arnold Schwarzenegger's return to the big screen as the sheriff in "The Last Stand" seemed like a good bet. Unfortunately, the Governator's comeback flick after a 10-year hiatus did not deliver the pop I had anticipated. "The Last Stand" is pr...

“Looper” delivers futuristic twists, thrills

Nathan Fisher

October 4, 2012

Returning to two-dimensional viewing this week, I just couldn't resist seeing another bloody, violent movie set in the future. "Looper," a sci-fi action thriller, takes the time travel premise in "Terminator" and "Back to the Future" and spins a mind-bending thriller that hits a home run. "Looper" opens in the year 2044 with Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a looper,...

Same-sex marriage headed to supreme court, to be decided by one man

Kyle Seasly

February 16, 2012

Last Tuesday, Feb. 7  (if only it had been a week later), the Appellate Court of California upheld a ruling by Judge Walker which found the infamous love-hating Proposition 8 to be unconstitutional.  Proposition 8 was a voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage in the state of California. The court ruled...

Women’s tennis finds focus, fun in California

Tyler Hurlburt

March 31, 2011

Imagine spending spring break boating, tanning and hanging out with 10 of your closest friends in Southern California while also playing tennis against some of the strongest competition in the country. This is exactly what the women's tennis team did two weeks ago. This very tight-knit group of women...

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