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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
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New ‘diverse’ iPhone emojis fail to be inclusive

Zan McPherson May 7, 2015

In early April of 2015, Apple released the software update iOS 8.3, thereby welcoming new racially and sexually diverse emojis into the global social-networking sphere. "What a wonderful idea," you might...

Wearable Tech Must Be Relevant to Consumers

Wearable Tech Must Be Relevant to Consumers

Blair Hanley Frank March 7, 2013
While I'm living proof of the success of wearables (I can't get enough of my Fitbit One), only time will tell if this is just a fad directed at nerds, or a new frontier in consumer tech.

Apple picker shortage highlights tension in immigration debates

Julia Stone October 4, 2012
Washington generates $1.5 billion annually from the production of apples, 10% of the state’s economy. Yet a critical part of this production, migrant laborers, are often overlooked.
Apples finances provide confidence in future

Apple’s finances provide confidence in future

Blair Hanley Frank September 27, 2012
Apple's success isn't just about Steve Jobs. You don't hit $700 a share without making good products and providing value to the market. Tim Cook, Jony Ive and the rest of the folks in Cupertino are responsible for the rampant success of this new phone, and they deserve credit for it.

Tablets will soon surpass personal computers

Blair Hanley Frank May 3, 2012
Not everybody needs the latest and greatest in computing anymore. Soon, having a portable tablet with long battery life will be more important than having a computer that can work harder than anything else on the market.

Apple users face growing threats to computer security

Blair Hanley Frank April 26, 2012
Mac users have to protect themselves against viruses now. While Apple will probably do everything in its power to shield users from exploits and malware, those efforts can only go so far. Resting on the relative anonymity of yesteryear is not a feasible strategy for protecting your computer.

Whitman must do more to offer pre-professional opportunities

Alex Brott April 12, 2012
Whitman as an institution seems to overlook student interest in substantive, pre-professional experiences. Considering the ample ways to provide such opportunities, the college owes it to these interested students to provide adequate resources.

Apple’s Strategy Holds Future for Operating Systems

Blair Hanley Frank March 1, 2012
the operating system market is going to see a huge business model upheaval over the next couple of years. That means our current model for what we expect in terms of new operating systems will need to change.
Illustration: Alex Bailey

RIP Steve Jobs: Technical rock star

Kyle Seasly November 3, 2011
When I think "rock star," I think of moments such as Paul Simonon smashing his bass on the cover of "London Calling," John Lennon's bed-in with Yoko Ono, or Bob Dylan's responding "play it [expletive] loud" to fans booing him for going electric. What unites these moments are the expressions of opposition to the status quo, as well as a belief that their actions could influence the world around them.

The Verizon iPhone: The Good and the Bad

Blair Hanley Frank January 27, 2011
Verizon announced that they're going to be selling the iPhone soon. Here's why you should (and shouldn't) buy one.

In tech, the fewer killers, the better

Blair Hanley Frank September 30, 2010
Tech pundits seem convinced that every new product has to kill the ones that came before. That's dumb.
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