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ISP Reflections: Part 1

Maya Volk
December 20, 2014
Filed under BLOGS, From Sweet Onions to Satay: Adventures in Indonesia

Greetings blog followers! Due to a busy schedule and broken computer, I was unable to post this blog when I first wrote it. However, both of these problems have since been solved, and although my program has ended, I will be posting my last few posts over the next few days. First, I'm going to travel...

Bali or Bust!

Maya Volk
August 30, 2014
Filed under From Sweet Onions to Satay: Adventures in Indonesia, Off-Campus Blogs, Web Only

Greetings blog readers! My name is Maya and I've volunteered to document my adventures as I study abroad in Indonesia (specifically on Bali) this fall semester. I am a rising junior studying sociology and psychology, but I also love to read, write, and hang out with my wonderful friends both at home...

Hello from Sacramento!

Sarah Cornett
August 28, 2014
Filed under Czech It Out, Off-Campus Blogs

Hello to all who have  found themselves on my study abroad blog- one of thousands covering a semester spent in a large European city, I'm sure! I told myself I wouldn't give in to the blog ‘hype,' but I found that I (and my parents) very much enjoyed blogs created by some of my other friends on...

SEC to Fund More International Internships

Sam Grainger-Shuba
February 20, 2014
Filed under ASWC, NEWS

When the Associated Students of Whitman College lifted the ban on college-supported international travel in 2013, they affected internships funded by the Student Engagement Center for this coming summer. Students will be able to apply for jobs abroad and receive college funding to spend their summers...

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