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Circuit Issue 9

Circuit 9 coverLetter From the Editor
by Shelly Le

Setting Tables in Walla Walla
by Hannah Bartman

Tommy’s Dutch Lunch: Never Leave Hungry
by Aleida Fernandez

Winter Recipes
by Karah Kemmerly

Keeping with Tradition
by Isabel Mills

Creative Foods in the Dining Hall
Photos by Marra Clay

Circuit 9 Table of Contents

What I Ate Abroad: Austria
by Dylan Tull

What I Ate Abroad: Thailand
by Molly Johanson

What I Ate Abroad: India
by Shelly Le

Meet the Owners of the Colville St. Patisserie
by Shelly Le

Dining Halls through the Ages
by Serena Runyan

From Wheat to Bread
Photos by Catie Bergman

Brewing Culture
by Sarah Cornett

Off-Campus Cooking Adventures
by Evelyn Levine

Drinks That Go With Your Major
by Emma Dahl and Aleida Fernandez

Secrets of Backcountry Cooking
by Luke Hampton

Comic: Serial Grain
by Asa Mease

Quiz: What Excessive Holiday Dish Are You?
by Andy Monserud

Whitman news since 1896
Circuit Issue 9