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Circuit Issue 4

Circuit 4 CoverLetter From the Editor
by Rachel Alexander

Whitman Direct Action: Development in the Real World
written by Daniel Swain and Sean McNulty,
photography contributed by the WDA Team

On the way of St. James: Pilgrimage in Spain
photo essay by Marie von Hafften

The Pioneer Guide to Campus Nicknames and Landmarks
by Allison Work

Dealing in Absolutes:
Lessons Learned with Anti-Ranching Activists

by Alex Brott

The Sporting Life
by Pam London

essays contributed by Alex Hagen, Elizabeth Cole
and Mary Welter

Wallowa County: Through Young Eyes
Circuit4ToCtext by Allison Bolgiano, photos by Faith Bernstein

Class ‘Encounters’ of the Different Kind
by Karah Kemmerly

A Painted Ship Upon a Painted Ocean:
A Ferry Ride in the Life of an Islander

photo essay by Halley McCormick

Under the Surface: Domestic Violence Cuts Across Class Lines
by Lian Caspi

Eating Cheap in Walla Walla
by Rachel Alexander

First Year Advice from a Rising Sophomore
by Molly Emmett

Summer Movie Recap
by Nathan Fisher

by Elena Aragon

by Elena Aragon

Whitman news since 1896
Circuit Issue 4