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Vol. CLIV, Issue 9
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Photo by Tywen Kelly

Season-ending Injury Forces Redefined Leadership Role for Senior Jackson Clough

February 4, 2016

As the men's basketball season approached in the fall of 2015, there were high expectations for senior guard Jackson Clough, who was predicted to play a vital role in the success of the team's season....

Women’s Basketball Finds Strength in Family Culture

Marah Alindogan March 6, 2014
A common question that head women's basketball coach Michelle Ferenz always asks her players is: “what do you hang your hat on?” In my four years as a women's basketball player, I never answered that question for myself – until now. My team is having one of the most successful seasons, of any sport, in Whitman College history. We are currently 26-1, the Northwest Conference (NWC) regular season champions and poised to make our second consecutive NCAA tournament appearance.
Mounier Motivated by Methodical Mental Approach

Mounier Motivated by Methodical Mental Approach

Marah Alindogan February 13, 2014
Every night, like clockwork, Matt Mounier, a junior guard on the men's basketball team, plans out his schedule for the next day – down to the hour – and records it in a notebook. The reason for this rigid schedule? According to Mounier, he constantly strives for success.
Photo Credit: Parrish

Women’s volleyball team makes history with youth

Libby Arnosti September 16, 2010
Revitalized team hopes to continue their momentum after upsetting University of Puget Sound in five sets at the Whitman Invitational.
Credit: Mitchell

Through Their Eyes: rigorous summer sports training ahead for athletes

Noah Moskat April 30, 2009
With spring at last sprung and the end of the school year looming on the horizon, next year's fall varsity sports season may seem a long way ahead. But for varsity athletes, the fall is already quickly approaching. “Next year" is about to become “now"—and it is at this time that preparation becomes critical. And in the next few months, summer vacation will provide an important training period for fall sport student athletes. On top of any other plans for working or internships, they will dedicate time to keeping in shape nearly every day of every week. Some work by themselves, others with teammates; they train here in Walla Walla and in hometowns across the country. But wherever they will be, student athletes recognize the significance of their efforts in the next few months—not to mention the personal initiative required without a coach to motivate them.
Credit: Alden

Through their eyes: hitting under pressure

Shannon Buckham April 23, 2009
When a batter walks up to the plate, all eyes are on him, and the pressure can be debilitating. As baseball players progress, however, they learn how to cope with these situations. “Ideally the pressure of the situation doesn't even factor into the equation because you practice over and over again the same motions, the same repetitive motions," said sophomore player Erik Korsmo. “Guys have their little quirks. I like to clean [the batter's box], scrape it off, make sure it's nice and flat...I do that before every pitch. That just gets your mind ready." Whitman baseball coach Casey Powell expressed similar sentiments.
Nat Jacob, ‘09, and the other Reapers take on Steelhead RFC in Portland this weekend, Apr. 11 before wrapping up their season against the Whitman alumni. Credit: Klein.

THROUGH THEIR EYES: rugby union rules explained

C.J. Wisler April 9, 2009
In most sports, college and otherwise, the rules are pretty straightforward. Out of bounds in soccer leads to a throw in; facemask in football leads to a penalty. To rugby fans or occasional rugby goers, however, the rules seem invisible or infrequent. And what are the rules? What is a scrum or a ruck? Why do players get tossed in the air at odd intervals? While rugby appears to be a completely chaotic game, that is not the case, according to sophomore and women's rugby captain Emily Lorente. “There are actually a lot of rules to rugby," said Lorente. “There are a lot of things you can and cannot do. For example, you cannot throw the ball forward, and you can't kick a ball with a part of the body above the knee. And if you are tackled, you must release the ball or a penalty is called." Rugby, according to Lorente, is a unique sport but takes on elements of other popular contact sports.

Through their eyes: golfing as a team sport

Noah Moskat April 2, 2009

In visualizing the quintessential images of a golfer: kneeling to scope out a putt, standing ready at the tee, watching the fateful flight or roll of their ball: a sense of solitude tends to emerge. And...

THROUGH THEIR EYES: chemistry in doubles tennis

THROUGH THEIR EYES: chemistry in doubles tennis

C.J. Wisler March 12, 2009

Although high school tennis players tend to focus more on their singles game, the emphasis on doubles tennis grows dramatically in college.   Doubles mixes both the traditional self-reliance of a singles...

Credit: Varonin

THROUGH THEIR EYES: the starting pitcher

Noah Moskat March 5, 2009

When a pitcher winds up and throws: his jaw hard-set, his eyes bearing down on the opponent, his instant burst from stillness to rearing back and firing: it brings to mind the image of a gunslinger from...

Credit: Calkin

Through their eyes: impact of the crowd

Noah Moskat February 26, 2009
Whether it occurs on the court, field, water or ice, a truly celebratory sports moment can be defined by one element—the reaction of the crowd. Beyond the cheering that reverberates through dreaming minds worldwide, crowd dynamics play a significant role in the character of sporting events. This is especially true in a small environment like Whitman College where strong attendance at sporting events can make a palpable difference for spectators and players alike.

Through Their Eyes: Whitman double-sport athletes

Billy Low February 19, 2009

All student-athletes must balance their academic work with practice and competition during their sport's season, but some must do so throughout the year.   For a two-sport athlete to stay on top of...

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