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Vol. CLIV, Issue 10
Whitman news since 1896

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Whitman news since 1896

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Photo by Jillian Briglia

Eighth Annual Global Studies Symposium

February 11, 2016

Students and faculty packed themselves into Olin 130 to hear the Global Study Symposium speeches regarding Human Zoos: Photography, Race, and Empire, on February 5th. The symposium featured speeches from...

Photo by Marra Clay.

Whitman Students Build Wind Turbine

Georgia Lyon November 19, 2015

By the spring of 2016, some of Whitman’s physics students will have finished building a vertical axis wind turbine. The wind turbine, which will be located between Penrose Library and Harper Joy Theater,...

Hawaiian Students Protest Telescope

Sarah Cornett May 7, 2015

Three Hawaiian students are protesting a proposed telescope on the Mauna Kea mountain, a site Native Hawaiians regard as sacred.

Ladies Climbing Night

Sarah Cornett April 30, 2015

Inspired by a climbing gym culture that is predominantly male, Ladies Climbing night has attracted dozens of enthusiastic women climbers.

Chastity Belt Returns

Sarah Cornett April 23, 2015

Seattle Band Chastity Belt, comprised of four Whitman '12 grads, will return to campus for a show on May 12th.

Yik Yak at Whitman

Sarah Cornett April 16, 2015

The anonymous posting app, which limits what you see based on location, has taken off at Whitman. Is it a community bulletin-board, or a wall of anonymity for posters to hide behind?

Skating at Whitman

Sarah Cornett April 8, 2015

Allie Donahue profiles the community of skateboarders, a tight group of seniors who have ventured beyond skating together.

Feature Fun

Sarah Cornett April 2, 2015

Read about the abundance of "Artholes" at Whitman, plus new classes that offer insight into "the real world."

Walla Walla’s Three Colleges

Sarah Cornett March 5, 2015

School-sponsored events between Walla Walla U, Walla Walla Community College, and Whitman provide rare opportunities for students to interact.


Natalie Berg February 26, 2015

Environmental practices on campus

Alumni in Walla Walla

Sarah Cornett February 19, 2015

Many students are anxious to leave the small town Whitman calls home upon graduation. But some embrace the cheap rents, and the vibrant Walla Walla scenes in food, art, and wine, and either stay or return...

Found in Walla Walla

Sarah Cornett February 12, 2015

Libby Arnosti '13 first noticed the VW bus in the Rose Street Safeway parking lot. What came next was quite the correspondence.

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