Sweet skate spots- Billy Boal Baggin’s


Cordiner Stairs

On a vert ramp in the middle of April, a legend, Billy, was born. Hey, I’m Billy.   Billy’s been skating for a while and his first video was The Search for Animal Chin, by Powell, gifted to him by his mom’s ex-husband, Rick.   Dude was rad.   Anyways, you’ve probably seen Billy around campus and town straight shredding.   Billy was probably the first guy to FS-bluntslide-feeble-heelflip-manual the courthouse.   The Pio requested Billy share some of his sweet skate spots (SSS), so here you are.   SSS #1 is the Cordiner 4 –– alt-titled The Gang of Four/Four-Play/FourEva!

Sk8tr bois know what Billy’s saying, right?   This 4 stair is sick.   Couple days ago Billie was out there with his boys and really nailed a classic Nollie-FS-treflip-salad-to-BS-overcrux-to-manual-all-the-way-to-REID (in the vein of Templeton in 411VM #29).   Changing Billy’s weekend to a sickend!   Everyone stuck to ollies and penis pushing, but your big-man on campus, Billy, wrecked them.

Here’s the 411 (HAHAH!!) on how to get to this sick locale.   Starting in the Beta basement, head west, south through the science parking lot, and turn left on Park.   DONE.   That’s how we do.     Optimal conditions here:   Sunny, 65-75 degrees (F), and no kooks.

Now, Billy wants to introduce you to the signature trick for this spot: the Skeeetzel.   Sort of like the Fandango by Appleyard in that Habit vid.   Approach the northern-most rail from the south, pushing at least once.   Ollie and pop your wood onto the rail, making sure to lock that shit in.   Pop-shuv out and try to not get hit by a car.   The Skeeetzel, tell your friends.   One Skeeetzel in the bank and your retirement savings has already begun.

Alright; dudes; think Billy’s leaked enough of the good news on ya.   If you see Billy rolling around campus, give him a shout.   Actually, don’t.   Billy’s got enough friends without you adding him on your AIM (Billy’s AIM: SicSkatMan69).   At any rate, try this new trick out, because me, myself, Billy, told you it was rad.   DONE.

NEXT WEEK:   Billy does your mom! HAPPY BELATED PARENTS’ WEEKEND. (Only kidding.   Next week Billy takes you to the Sig side lawn to perfect your manuals and shares a secret spot (SS #1)!)