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Class of 2013 the first to switch to Gmail

Class of 2013 the first to switch to Gmail

Josh Goodman

April 9, 2009

Ever want to instant message in your Whitman e-mail or use it for online documents?   You may not be able to, but the class of 2013 will. Next year's incoming first-years will use Gmail for their Whitman email using a special login page, gmail.whitman.edu, and their Whitman IDs and passwords. ...

Printing forum fails to get student involvement

Printing forum fails to get student involvement

Josh Goodman

March 12, 2009

For all the hype over the new printing quotas, fewer than a dozen students showed up to last Thursday's forum on the issue, the first of two. Those in attendance, though, had a platform to share their views. "The purpose of this event is to solicit information and opinions," said forum moderator and Campus Sustainability Coordinator senior Karlis Rokpelnis.   The event also feature...

New printing system successful, follow up discussion held today

Cindy Chen

March 5, 2009

As a follow up to the new printing quota system, an all-campus forum was held at noon today, Thursday, Mar. 5 in the Reid ballroom to discuss the GoPrint system.   "The campus community will be able to openly provide and discuss feedback, which will help the College to fine-tune the program," said ...

Questions about us: Google is not God

Gary Wang

February 26, 2009

Technology is supposed to save us. Save us from disease (vaccines), from loneliness (Facebook) and from ourselves (car airbags).   Pills can prevent exhaustion, congestion and even birth. Virtual reality games provide an escape from our mundane existence. Skype makes it so you almost never have to...

Whitman may see smart classrooms in the future

Derek Thurber

December 13, 2008

Class is about to start as a Whitman student walks in on the first day. The classroom looks new and fancy and when he sits down at his desk instead of finding some old wooden writing surface there is a laptop waiting for his personal use. This dream of the future is now coming to reality in sever...

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