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Green Dot and the Sexual Health Advocacy Group hope to create more sex-positive programming promoting both consent and sexual pleasure. Photos by James Baker.

Inaugural Sex Week promotes pleasure

Kate Grumbles, Staff Reporter February 24, 2020

Through the combined efforts of Green Dot and the Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG), Whitman hosted its first Sex Week, starting on Feb. 24. As early as first-year orientation, Whitman students receive...

Artwork contributed by Clara Collins from the SHAG zine.

SHAG: Creating a space for sex positivity on campus

Lena Friedman, News Reporter October 3, 2019

Amid the bustle at Jewett Café, the members of Whitman’s Sexual Health Advocacy Group (SHAG) gather to discuss all things sexual health and sex-positivity every Thursday. Senior philosophy major...

Sex Dreams Offer Insight Into Our Repressed Sexual Desires

Maggie Mae Lemaris February 21, 2013

I will be the first to admit that I don't understand the neural theories and science behind memory. I suppose I could spend years studying neurological chemistry, but that's not going to happen. So I cannot...

Awareness first step to relieving sexual pain

Spencer Wharton November 29, 2012

According to a 2001 study in American Family Physician, as many as 60 percent of women claim to have experienced episodes of pain with intercourse, but many who have persistent, severe symptoms never seek...

Credit: Loos-Diallo

Sex toy party hopes to open discussion of female sexuality

Rachel Alexander November 9, 2009

What do diving dolphins, waterproof power bullets and icicles have in common? They are all vibrators that will be featured at the Voices for Planned Parenthood (VOX)-sponsored sex toy party this Saturday. "I'm...

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