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Whitman’s Percussion Ensemble Revival

Illustration by Haley King

Cy Burchenal, Staff Reporter

April 26, 2018

The first Whitman Percussion Ensemble concert in 11 years took place on Sunday, April 15 at Chism Recital Hall. There has not been a percussion ensemble on campus for more than a decade, and a renewed interest in percussion among Whitman students has pushed for the re-formation of the group that now...

From Noise to Art: Tatsuya Nakatani Sculpts Sound

Photo by Taj Howe

Michelle Foster, A&E Editor

October 7, 2017

In the crash of cymbals and ringing of singing bowls, a seemingly random series of noise is shaped into a sculpture of sound. Tatsuya Nakatani, master percussionist and sound artist, demonstrated this when he gave a solo performance and short talk at the Whitman Dance Studio on Tuesday, October 3. The...

Nakatani drums Chism Hall into delighted fervor

Mallory Martin

October 27, 2011

Contemporary improv drummer Tatsuya Nakatani has traveled the world performing his unique style of percussion. On Monday, Oct. 17, he visited Whitman's Chism Auditorium to play for a small crowd. Over the years, Nakatani has created a musical technique all his own. Using his own design of specially...

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