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Letter encourages first years to hold back on fall recruitment

Letter encourages first years to hold back on fall recruitment

Christy Carley, News Editor September 15, 2016

It was the summer of ‘69 when all incoming students of Whitman College last received a letter encouraging them to refrain from participating in fall Greek organization recruitment. This past  Friday,...

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Phi Delta Theta, Sexual Violence Prevention reps look to the future

Ellen Ivens-Duran May 5, 2016
In the weeks since Phi Delta Theta's social functions were suspended, confusion and misinformation has pervaded campus, concurrent with rising frustration about sexual violence,

Tinder and the Job Hunt

Katy Wills, Columnist February 25, 2016
A simple cost-benefit analysis of the risk involved in applying for a job in light of the vast tinder experience lends itself to the helpful conclusion: the more jobs you apply for, the higher your likelihood of acceptance becomes.

Brian Concannon Reveals American Injustices

Katy Wills, Columnist February 4, 2016

Brian Concannon is not what I expected him to be. I envisioned the most prominent U.S. lawyer for human rights in Haiti to be big and loud and oozing with self importance. I expected someone who schmoozes–or...

Learned helplessness keeps women out of tech

Katy Wills April 30, 2015

I work for Technology Services at Whitman and it's one of the best jobs I've ever had. My co-workers are a patient, kind and thoroughly entertaining team of A/V nerds. During the daytime shifts I complete...

Respond to opinion with ideas, not judgment

Katy Wills April 16, 2015

Warning: This article will talk a lot about feelings. If you can't handle that, spend some time reflecting on yourself and come back to this, because I have important things to say. My experience writing...

ASWC senators set standards for on-campus involvement

Katy Wills March 12, 2015

The senators of the Associated Students of Whitman College are a bunch of nerds. I can say that with authority and playfulness because I served my time in Senate last year and identified with that type...

Greek influence not being used for meaningful action

Katy Wills February 26, 2015

My dearest Frat Stars and Soror Sisters of Whitman College, Greek groups have immense power on this campus. Besides having an extensive social presence on the weekends, a Greek group has the power to...

Self-reflection, Teaching the Movement help fight back against privilege paralysis

Katy Wills February 12, 2015

While some new parents may be told that their child is at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes or obesity, their white babies don't come with a document warning the parents of the potential for privilege...

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