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Everything I ever needed to know I learned from video games

Everything I ever needed to know I learned from video games

Blair Hanley Frank

January 25, 2010

Over winter break, I spent a lot of time playing video games, which led me to think about all the important life lessons I've acquired from my time spent in front of a screen. So, I compiled a list of helpful tips that I've culled from my years of gaming experience: 1. Watch your back This one's...

Why we failed in Copenhagen

Lisa Curtis

January 25, 2010

Dec. 18, 2009, will be remembered as a failure of the international system. Fifteen years of negotiations, 22 years of research with  97 percent of climatologists convinced that humans are causing the climate to change, the largest day of political action in history calling for climate action, 117 heads of st...

A frequent conversation (with myself)

William Witwer

January 25, 2010

Everyone has a story. Being me, I talk to myself. A lot. This is a (slightly embarrassing) fact. I do it often enough that I suspect that someday, somewhere, someone will catch me at it in earnest and shoot me a quizzical look, the look that disinterested strangers flash whenever they encounter something...

Whitman administration addresses student concern about thefts

Lea Negrin

January 25, 2010

After returning to Walla Walla from winter break to find her off-campus house burglarized, senior Julie Grimm took action and organized a meeting with members of the Whitman administration to discuss students' safety concerns. Along with Grimm, five other students met with Dean of Students Chuck Cleveland,...

‘Avatar’ hindered by heavy-handed allegories, pathetic plot

Becquer Medak-Seguin

January 24, 2010

Love it or hate it, "Avatar," James Cameron's latest venture into exorbitant-budget cinema, is a bad movie. Let me explain: "Avatar" is, at best, half a movie. The 3D visuals are as breathtaking as the plot is insipid. Most of you, by now, either plan to see it or shun it. However, if you plan on waiting...

New Glover Alston Center features lounges, kitchen, private meeting rooms

New Glover Alston Center features lounges, kitchen, private meeting rooms

Robert Crenshaw

January 24, 2010

Unveiled to the public on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the new Glover Alston Center offers space for Whitman community members and organizations to host meetings and gatherings, sponsor private and public events or just relax. Spearheaded by the Intercultural Center, planning for the Glover Alston Center's design began in 2007 in ...

Beach House’s Sub Pop debut ‘makes good on its ambitions’

Andrew Hall

January 24, 2010

Teen Dream is Beach House's best album. There is no question about this; the Baltimore duo's first album for Seattle's superindie label, Sub Pop, sees the band finally shake all of its inappropriately tacked-on points of reference, like Galaxie 500 and Mazzy Star, and become an entity that is wholly a...

‘Critical Junctures’ brings installation art to Sheehan Gallery

Mehera Nori

January 24, 2010

"Critical Junctures," the first of the 2010 exhibitions in the Donald Sheehan Gallery, features a genre unusual to the space. Sculpture and installation art pieces by Eileen Doktorski were unveiled at an opening reception on Friday, Jan. 22, and will remain there until the exhibit closes on Feb. 19....

Walla Walla Public Library program makes new effort to attract Whitman students

Connor Guy

January 24, 2010

Despite new efforts to reach out to Whitman students, such as advertising on Whitman's campus and including a Whitman professor on this year's line-up of speakers, the Walla Walla Public Library's 14-year-old "Booked for Winter" series drew only a handful of young people, and no Whitman students to its...

U.S. military should step lightly in Haiti


January 24, 2010

The images pouring from earthquake-devastated Haiti onto the Internet and television are heart wrenching. The nightly news shows New York City firefighters crawling over downed buildings in search of survivors, crowds of survivors clambering for food and water or U.S. soldiers carrying injured children...

China: Complicated is an understatement

Gary Wang

January 22, 2010

Maybe you haven't heard, but Google has found a new adversary after vanquishing Yahoo and Microsoft: China's Communist Party! Google recently announced (on its official blog no less) that it is threatening to pull out of China. Its public reason is that it has traced hackers, perhaps operating under th...

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