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Letter to the editor: Debaters intrude into our home

Letter to the Editor

November 15, 2009

To The Pioneer, I'm writing in response to Gary Wang's column "Intolerance of high-school debaters unfair." I understand that the high school debate tournament is highlight for the high school students and that it is overall a good thing for our school. However, while living at Whitman I tend t...

Tension over debate tournament eases

Tension over debate tournament eases

Lea Negrin

November 11, 2009

With a new name, Whitman's annual debate tournament for high school students sought a new image on campus, improving organization of the debaters to decrease the stress Whitman students and staff had noted their presence caused in previous years. Now called the Remy Wilson High School Speech Tournam...

Intolerance of high school debaters unfair

Gary Wang

November 8, 2009

Every fall, it seems like a plague strikes Whitman. No, not swine flu or biblical locusts, but a swarm of teenagers in over-sized suits and pencil skirts. White dress shirts, no facial hair and bundles of boxes, papers, timers, laptops and whatever cheap imitations of what real lawyers use. Worst ...

Annual debate tournament brings high schoolers, tension to Whitman campus

Lea Negrin

November 3, 2009

Whitman's 37th annual High School Speech Tournament begins today, Nov. 5, and continues through Saturday, Nov. 7. While the tournament is a big source of funding for the debate team, the influx of high school students puts a strain on the campus. "It's great for the debate team but it's unfortunate...

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