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Helpful Hilda, the advice column (the return)

Helpful Hilda

April 28, 2020

Hilda, Sorry if my tuypong is a little bad .. i am only typing with one hand because i just smashed my other in a car door and it is definitely looking funny and feels like something horrible. Ouch ouch but oh well. Reachingo out if you know a good replaicement for canned corn. I I wanted to bake brea...

15 Things You Wouldn’t Expect To Not Do With a Corn Tortilla

Annie Stefanides, Girl with the Grey Streak

February 22, 2018

Be gluten free Slap your friends Cut into a doily for aesthetic reasons Soak up spilled liquids Take notes on in class Feed the ducks Use as a floaty device when your boat capsizes Tell all your darkest secrets to it Play a round of frisbee golf Wear as a crop-top to the party...

Haze of the Corn Maze Dayz Craze

Melina Hughes

October 17, 2013

What started out as a fun-filled evening quickly turned to tragedy when a group of eager young first-year students attended their first ever haunted corn maze here in the idyllic town of Walla Walla. On a crisp fall evening, a small group of Andersonians, having heard the rumors of the great excitement th...

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