A Long Day

Whitman Tennis Team

Well, today was a very long and exhausting day of tennis and sunshine. With hardly a cloud in the sky, the sun beat down on us all day while we worked our way through many competitive sets in two different matches. Our first rival was University of Chicago, which is a very talented team, they came out very fired up and hmm, yes, fired up. the doubles was competitive at all three regardless of what the score showed, everyone fought really hard. its tough to see that despite a hard effort, that we could still go down 2 – 1 in the doubles, slightly disheartening, but also a motivational factor to be even tougher competitors in the singles lineup. Etienne had the toughest opponent as Zhang had beaten the #1 D3 player in the nation in straight sets last year (maybe in the fall?) so he knew he had a tough one, and all through the lineup Chicago had very solid players. Many split set matches and many gruelling points. Unfortunately, we picked the short end of the stick or whatever you call it and we lost   the match 7 – 2. nevertheless we still have a few more very competitive matches left to play this week, so we will definitely not let that get us down. we have Carleton on wednesday, and depauw on thursday as our main courses for the remainder of the week.

Tomorrow is a day of relaxation and rest! we’re thinking to sleep and chillax. maybe hit up the beach for a little bit, but for some, the sun has taken a toll and they look like crabs, so they should probably stay indoors. haha. anyways, we’re still enjoying being down south! and we hope to hear from some of you who are in the area! (ahem…chris barton..ahem)

Once again, i hope all of you are enjoying your break and you are up and about being productive, whether it be recovering from surgery, writing theses, or getting back in shape, i hope your spring break journey is treating   you well!