The Sweet South

Whitman Tennis Team

Hey y’all!

Hope everyone’s spring break is going just awesome and everyone has had time to relax or find that summer occupier of time aka a job or internship!

We just got into South Carolina as of last night, Hilton Head Island that is! its a pretty amazing place so far and we are looking forward to every moment of it. so far this break we have played in portland 5 times. defeating all of our opponents with convincing style, we hope to continue that trend here in Hilton Head. though it may be a bit tougher, we are looking for a successful trip down south.

We had an awesome travel on the way down here to SC. We had to drive up to Seattle for our flight, where we met Jennifer (coach’s wife), and we slept for a few hours before we adventured to Atlanta, Georgia and eventually to Charlotte, NC where we stayed with the former athletic director, Travis Feezell, who is simply amazing for hosting our whole team! his hospitality was incredible and we all felt at home with his family. Thanks Travis & Co for having us!!! we look forward to seeing you on our way back!

Today we are playing Colby and Westminster, wish us luck!! we are playing at the Hilton Head Beach and Tennis resort at 12 eastern.