Spring Break!!!!

Whitman Tennis Team

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Thank the almighty squirrel, its finally here! as for most of us, this last week has been exhausting with school and last minute team preparations for our big spring break trip. i’ll be pretty happy just to get some decent sleep and some quality time with the team! it’s going to be a blast.

Starting tomorrow, we have matches almost everyday, if not two in one day! Tomorrow we are playing Lewis & Clark at 2pm, most likely outside! please come and cheer us on, even if it’s from the steps of the library, we encourage all forms of cheering. Saturday we again have a home match against Willamette, which should be a good last home match to watch before you head off to spring break.

From there, we head to the Seattle area to play PLU. if you live in seattle or the surrounding area, please come and watch us on monday! we will be playing in the Tacoma/Federal Way (?) area. please come if you can!

Then it’s off to Portland, to play a slew of matches before we head back up to seattle to fly out to the wonderful state of South Carolina. if you are in the portland area from tuesday thru thursday. please take a look at our schedule and cheer us on, any fan support is absolutely awesome. Like, reallllyyyyy gooooooodddddd.

so yes, if you can, please come watch! we are excited for a big trip and hopefully we wont be too exhausted to have some chill time on a beach in sunny SC. hope you all have a wonderful break, and we’ll keep you updated through the week on our matches on the road!