Kappas solicit charity applications for Mr. Whitman

C.J. Wisler

While most student organizations and clubs are approaching the culmination of their activities for the 2008-09 school year, sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma (KKG) is beginning to look ahead towards next year. The sorority is currently accepting applications from any student or faculty member to submit possible charities to be the recipient of the 2009 Mr. Whitman funds.

In previous years the charity applicants had to be a KKG member, however, the decision to open up the application process to a larger body of possible charities was made last year.

“While there are many great connections to charities within Kappa Kappa Gamma, there are so many more opportunities and connections throughout campus,” said sophomore and KKG Philanthropy Chairman Leah Wheeler.

The applications are open to all students, faculty and staff members of Whitman College.

The annual Mr. Whitman contest is a male beauty pageant involving eight senior men who compete for the title. Each candidate advertises the contest and helps raise the funds that are donated to the selected charity.

The pageant offers the Whitman community a chance to support a favorite charity or charity of interest.

“The fund-raiser has always been largely successful, so this is huge for students who want to be involved in contributing [to a charity],” said Wheeler.

The application involves a series of questions to make sure the charity aligns with KKG’s requirements. The questions involve what the charity’s mission is, the size of the program’s outreach and the size of the organization itself, as well as a few other more specific questions.

“The charities we are looking for this year should involve literacy somehow, whether that means something like benefiting a school or donating books,” said Wheeler. “The charity also must be a non-profit organization in order to be accepted for the Mr. Whitman charity.”

Though the charity applications have been open to students for two years now, many students do not realize that the opportunity is out there.

“I think it went a little under the radar last year,” said Wheeler. “Students should know about this opportunity. Whitman students seem to have a desire to help out and volunteer, and this is a great way to do so.”

Applications are due May 3, and the charity will be selected before the end of the school year. Applications for independent Mr. Whitman contestants for 2009 will be available soon as well.