Tony Talks: Elon Musk is a Lizard

Anthony Reale, Satirist-in-Chief

Time to face the facts, everyone.

This has been an issue that I’ve struggled with for some time now, but I finally can confidently bring important evidence to light.

Elon Musk is a lizard.

Signs have pointed to this for so long!  How could we have been so blind when all the facts were right in front of us?  For example, Musk has an interview online in which he hisses and scuttles like a creepy reptile, scaring away the New York Times reporter that was writing the article about him!

Furthermore, what human is trying to save the Earth?  It’s pretty much evident at this point in time that every human is hell-bent on the destruction of earth (for examples, see literally all of human history).  So, the person who supposedly ‘thinks the Earth is in trouble’ and ‘wants to save it’ absolutely HAS to be non-human. Wake up, sheeple!

It truly astounds me how people haven’t realized this yet.  To all of you who haven’t had this insight, all I have to say is ‘what the fuck?’  I guess y’all are the same people who believe that President Lyndon B. Johnson wasn’t a fairy tale. Idiots.

David Icke, wherever you might be, I know your secret, The Biggest Secret.  Please contact me ASAP to discuss how we can solve the reptilian crisis.


Anthony “Not a Lizard promise promise promisssssssssse” Reale