Unnoticed signs of ski team’s deteriorating relationship with Athletic Director Dean Snider

Student Contributer

Unnoticed signs that the ski team’s relationship with Athletic Director Dean Snider was deteriorating:

* When Snider planned a surprise candle-lit budget meeting, and the Ski Team got home late from skiing, AGAIN, it didn’t even ask why all the good silverware was out.

* Snider left out a copy of Cosmo in the ski team locker room with the page open to a quiz called “How to know if Your Man is Spending Too Much on Skiing to Reasonably Fit Into the Budget of a Small College”

* When the Ski Team left a generous tip for a waitress, Snider rolled his eyes, then vehemently denied that he was upset about anything, even though he didn’t say another word until they left Applebees.

* Snider dreamily mentioned how “impressed” he was with Bode Miller’s fiscal responsibility

* When Snider and the Ski Team went to see Iron Man, he stared at the team for, like, a full minute during the part where Tony Stark goes over budget

* When the Ski Team came home from shopping, Snider asked if HE could borrow money for ski poles for once, but then said, “Just kidding, just kidding,” and went back to reading The Lovely Bones.

* When Snider asked the ski team to try on a budget from a few years ago, the one he really used to like. When the ski team responded that it had gotten too big, Snyder raised his eyebrows and muttered something about how the ski team at his last school could probably still fit into that budget.