Jewett 2-West


Of all the sections in Jewett, 2-West’s reputation is perhaps the most notorious for their hard-partying ways.

First-year Zac Parker, a current 2-Wester, has a clear idea of how the section is perceived.

“The stereotype is, you know, that 2-West is always pretty wild,” he said.

Fellow first-year Brett Porter thinks the stereotype from past years affects the reputation of the current residents.

“I kind of get the feeling that’s how we’re seen around campus: not because that’s actually how we are but more because of how people have been told to think about that,” he said.

He asserts that 2-West is much more than just a wild section.

“Everyone here is really close to each other and knows each other really well,” he said.

Junior Matt Raymond lived in 2-West as a first-year and felt a similar closeness.   He points to the tragic death of Richard O’Brien, a fellow 2-West resident, as something that brought the section together.

“He meant so much to so many different people in so many different ways and I think that showed just how dear everyone in that section was to each other,” he said.

Though Raymond admits that 2-West may have been particularly wild that year, he maintains that 2-West is more than their reputation.

“No matter what you think of that year’s 2-West, which is legendary for its antics, it always seems like a place where it’s just amazing how people can come together,” Raymond said.