Reflections: Rachel Stein

Student Contributer

My first semester at Whitman I was overwhelmed by the microcosm that I was living in: my high school was twice as big!   This meant there always seemed to be new trends that were unique to our little community: to this day Whitman is the only place where I hear “pre-funking” more often than “pre-gaming.”

Since my early feelings of claustrophobia, I have learned to fully embrace everything the “Whitman Bubble” has to offer. Now, as I contemplate my graduation I would like to share a few of the unique aspects of Whitman which I will miss:

The human birdbaths in front of Hunter: there are few places better to cool off on a hot day. Lately it even smells like chlorine has been added to the water!

Styx: I love that I never quite know what decorations might adorn this sculpture at anytime. From advertising to creative forms of self-expression, Styx is a campus emblem.

Dress up parties have a fond place in my heart. As a freshman I found myself pulling out old costumes and creating a “dress up box.” Over the past four years, its contents have been put to good use and I never fail to be entertained by the themes Whitman students create.

President Bridges bow ties are a memorable fashion statement for all Whitman students to take note of.

Campus bands! Whitman events and parties would not be the same without the classy music of Danger Mermaid, the Raptavists and Red Light Blue Light.

Beer mile is one of those Whitman events that you can’t forget (even if you want to!). But really, what better way is there to take advantage of college rowdiness than beer mile?

Chorale contest is a Whitman staple that started before us and will outlast us.

Grilled cheese and tomato soup at lunch on Monday are one of the little things that will be hard to forget about Whitman. On a cold and rainy day or when I am feeling particularly in need of comfort there are few things better.

The blinking crosswalk on Isaacs.   Okay, I know that is ridiculous, but how many times have I crossed the street there?
Finally, one of the things that I will miss most about Whitman is everyone hanging out on Ankeny. I know that when the weather is even halfway decent there will always be people out playing sports and enjoying the grass: something that always makes me smile.

These are just a few of the things I could share which make Whitman special to me; there are big things, there are small things, and I am sure that there are things which I haven’t even thought of yet. When that happens, I hope that I am able to think back to all of my wonderful memories at Whitman and revel in past moments. As cheesy as that sounds, I know that many of you feel the same way: the things I will miss about Whitman are not just mine!