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Every year, The Wire publishes “Circuit”, our annual magazine.

It is tradition for the magazine to operate around a central theme each year. This year, the editorial board chose senses as our theme for the 2020 edition of “Circuit”. We use senses to engage in every aspect of our world. Touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing – they all help us navigate life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly altered our senses. With everyone ordered to stay at home, our ability to touch, taste, see, smell and hear the world around us has been stifled. We are forced to discover new ways of navigating life.

With The Wire moving online for the semester, we too are discovering new means of experiencing as journalists. While there is a degree of separation between us and the people we interview, we are still able to connect our community and bring people together through writing, illustration and photography. Although we are not physically together, we still have glimpses into people’s lives. We are finding new ways to touch, taste, see, smell and hear the world around us – from our own homes, dorms and living spaces.

In contributing to “Circuit”, our reporters, editors, photographers and illustrators played an important role in evoking senses through their work. They connect you to their perception of the world – what the world looks like through touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. They have been hard at work, pushing past their comfort zones and engaging in short stories, essays, profiles, photography and illustration.

Browse their work below.


Taking time to taste by Dana Walden

Lonesome behind the face by Maude Lustig

The value of silence by Sydney Bellon

On intimacy and being in love with your friends

Photo essays 

Photo essay: Things that shouldn’t be touched by Chelsea Goldsmith

Photo essay: The Walla Walla Blues by Dana Kendrick

Photo essay: Textures by Jaime Fields


Scents of the different majors by Kate Grumbles

The pets of Whitman by Rosa Woolsey

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