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Walla Walla Marches in Global Solidarity

January 26, 2017

Less than 24 hours after former businessman Donald J. Trump was sworn into office as president of the United States, protestors took to the streets in more than 200 cities across the country and across...

Ian the Cuber

October 30, 2016

First year Ian Bourn is a Rubik's Cube master and once held the unofficial world record. Videographer North Bennett learns about his skills.

The man who brought us Uber

October 11, 2016

Now, I’m from just outside NYC, so when I was assigned an article about Uber in Walla Walla, Washington, I was a tad skeptical. Uber? In Walla Walla? I’ve called Uber’s to the bustling streets of...

The Spectrum Apparel

October 5, 2016

Clothing communicates a lot about the individual who wears it: personal style, political affiliation, favorite bands, a preference for wool over fleece or stripes instead of dots. What if, in addition...

Walla Walla Rollergirls are Family, Badasses

September 29, 2016

While many people express affection through hugs, the Walla Walla Sweets Rollergirls show affinity for one another by smashing into each other. Members of this all-women roller derby team, gain sisters...

Lakum Duckum gets a new fountain

The recently-installed fountain in Lakum Duckum may benefit ducks and students alike.
September 22, 2016

The new fountain in Lakum Duckum may have a bigger impact on Whitman students than one may think. Apart from being visually pleasing, it also has ecological, aesthetic and health benefits. These include...

Voices of the Community // Spring 2016 Issue 2

February 5, 2016

Videographer Tyler Warren polls the community with the question: "Which whitman staff, faculty, or administrator would you like to have lunch with?"

Style Spotlight: Arthur Shemitz

February 4, 2016

Junior Arthur Shemitz, Vice President of Associated Students of Whitman College (ASWC) and Chair of Student Affairs, sets a precedent not only in leadership on campus but also with his style. Style...

Style Spotlight with Arthur Shemitz

February 4, 2016

Videographer Emma Casley brings us this week's Style Spotlight featuring Arthur Shemitz, a Whitman College junior.

Marge Jesse – The Post Office Supervisor

November 13, 2015

Marge Jesse has been working in the Whitman post office for the past 18 years. This year she has decided to retire to spend more time with her daughter and two grandchildren in Spokane. Videographers Emma...

Day of the Dead Festival

October 28, 2015

Videographers Hannah Poukish, Tyler Warren, and reporter Eric Anderson explore the recent Dia de los Muertos Festival in Walla Walla, WA and investigate the relationship of Whitman College to the greater...

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