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Shame in the anti-racist movement

Illustration by Hayden Cooper.

Dana Walden, Opinion Editor

September 24, 2020

Shame, Shame, Shame: we all got it, and we all feel it from time to time. Shame is not a bad emotion to feel; in fact, it can be helpful and productive under the right circumstances. We should feel a little shame for actions that hurt other people, as this is often a necessary first step to understandin...

The sweet onion to end all sweet onions has been discovered

Illustration by Allyson Kim.

Conor Bartol, Useful Idiot

September 24, 2020

Walla Walla Sweet Onion farmers reported that they have grown the sweetest Sweet Onion ever. So sweet, in fact, that it appears local farmers have given up Sweet Onions for good. “What’s the point in growing more Sweet Onions?” said one farmer. “What do you do after you summit Everest? There is ...

Class of 2020 athletes: Where are they now?

Illustration by Elie Flanagan.

Tucker Grinnan, Staff Reporter

September 24, 2020

The Class of 2020 student athletes graduated from Whitman with an uncertain future, but many have tried to make the best of a bad situation. Graduation was abrupt, confusing and sad for the senior student athletes. Many had their final seasons cut short, and all had their last months of in-person...

Students on leave turn away from academics and toward themselves

Photo contributed by Alli Shinn.

Ellie Van Gorden, Feature Reporter

September 24, 2020

By now, we’re all familiar with the daily commute from our kitchens to our desks and back. Zoom is now a noun and the timely muting and unmuting of a microphone is an envious talent. But for some Whitman students, this semester exists far outside of a computer screen. They’ve chosen to take a le...

Walla Walla’s week of smoke: Air pollutants spike

Illustration by Annika Bauerle.

Grace Fassio, Staff Reporter

September 24, 2020

A thick haze of smoke engulfed Walla Walla last week, resulting in unhealthy air quality and official recommendations to stay inside. According to Washington’s Department of Ecology’s smoke blog, the smoke in Walla Walla was the result of wind conditions that moved smoke from the wildfires in the Or...

Inclusion Task Force publishes final report: 31 action items on the docket

Infographic by Michelle Shin.

Abby Main, Staff Reporter

September 24, 2020

The Inclusion Task Force created this summer by Whitman President Kathy Murray published its final report on Aug. 27. Student, faculty and staff involvement in the task force culminated in a list of specific proposals. The report includes a multitude of action items slated to be explored and enacted duri...

“Jumping a fence for true love” or stalking?

Scout Hutchinson, Columnist

September 24, 2020

Colton Underwood, star of “The Bachelor,” jumped a fence for love and didn’t take no for an answer after “The Bachelor” contestant Cassie Randolf broke up with him… cute! Now he's putting tracking devices on her car and showing up outside her window… not so cute? Nearly two years ag...

The Little Theatre hosts outdoor series of classic radio plays

Photo by Carson Jones.

Jaime Fields, A&E Reporter

September 24, 2020

The Little Theatre of Walla Walla is determined to prove that the theatre can still be a place for entertainment and connection. With both the audience and performers safely social distanced and masks mandatory, the theater is in the middle of presenting The Little Theatre Radio Hour — Alfresco. Beg...

A history of student activism for racial justice on campus

Piper Olsen, Feature Reporter

September 24, 2020

There has been an increased spotlight on contemporary issues of racial discrimination at Whitman, but current activists argue that we must not forget the legacy of unacknowledged work and demands of BIPOC leaders past.  On July 20, 2020, the Whitman Black Student Union President Hannah Paul ‘22*...

Make a plan for your vote

Sile Surman, Columnist

September 24, 2020

Do you check your voter registration status every single day, almost to the point of insanity? Join the club. This election has everyone, including myself, on edge lately.  Quite honestly, I’m probably not the first person to tell you to vote. It is safe to assume you’re tired of hearing it by...

“It momentarily punctured the Whitman bubble”: Assessing the Scholar Strike

Abby Malzewski, Staff Reporter

September 24, 2020

Several Whitman professors participated in the national Scholar Strike on Sept. 8 and 9 in an effort to educate the community and symbolically stand against police brutality and racial inequality. Teachers and students differed on the merit of the strike and on the question of whether or not to participat...

Blue Moon and Quarterlife adjust to art from afar

Mo Dow, A&E Reporter

September 24, 2020

Quarterlife (also known as Whitman’s littlest literary magazine) and Blue Moon are having to adapt differently to the new circumstances of online classes, changing both the ways in which they employ student workers and the material they’re producing.  When the campus was originally shut down bac...

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