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Whitman’s drug subculture takes a philosophical turn

February 22, 2007

by Leah Bloomberg & Grant Margeson STAFF WRITER & GUEST WRITER N.B. This article is meant to provide a glimpse into the drug use on campus, not to either condone or condemn it. The views expressed by those interviewed in no way reflect the views and opinions of the Whitman College Pio...

A nation all its own

February 1, 2007

by Andrea Miller STAFF WRITER While some students navigate through the discos of European metropolises or come face-to-face with the hardships of no running water in Africa, others turn to the challenges of an American city for their study abroad program. Programs in Chicago, Philadelphia a...

Semester in the West gives college life the runaround

February 1, 2007

by Hailey Rogge STAFF WRITER The romantic stereotypes of the American West have all been dashed away, and a very intricate human and ecological landscape redrawn: at least for the 21 Whitman students who spent last fall rediscovering their country on an environmental studies odyssey. The membe...

Inside out: Students reflect on experiences

February 1, 2007

by Jamie Soukup STAFF WRITER Aubrey Gallegos: Botswana Probably one of the coolest places I visited in Botswana was Chobe National Park, where we literally camped among the animals. At night none of us were allowed to leave our tents without yelling for a guide because, as our guides told us, w...

The world beyond Whitman College opens eyes

February 1, 2007

by Janna Stone STAFF WRITER Susan Holme Brick, director of Whitman's Study Abroad program, works in a small, non-descript office on the second floor of Memorial Building. Her office, no more extraordinary than any other of the offices in Memorial, does little to suggest the fact that, to many ...

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