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Junior Lucy Montgomery transferred from Scripps College her first year.

Connections and new beginnings: Transferring to Whitman

Emma Foley, Feature Writer September 30, 2019

One-third of college students will transfer schools at least once. I remember reading this statistic while parsing through the Google results for “how to know if you should transfer,” a phrase I hesitantly...

Off-Campus Housing: Traditions of Community

Off-Campus Housing: Traditions of Community

Eleanor Dudley , Miyona Katayama, and Alex Brockman September 26, 2019

With houses in short supply in the Walla Walla area, Whitman homes hold special value. Students are often unaware of the off-campus housing options available to them through the College. After the first...

Illustration by Nathaly Perez

A Passion for Fashion: Style at Whitman

Alex Brockman, Feature Editor May 3, 2019

In the morning as Whitman students wake and get ready for class we all have a seemingly simple decision to make in common: what clothes to put on our back. Admittedly for me this decision is often fueled...

Technology in the Classroom

Technology in the Classroom

Lena Friedman and Alex Brockman April 25, 2019

As American society continues to rely more heavily on technology year by year, it has become a topic of hot debate whether the use of technology in classrooms enhances or hinders the experience of students...

Kaeley Pilichowski is a Whitman senior who is passionate about living in a zero waste lifestyle.

Reducing Waste One Plastic Container at a Time

Alex Brockman, Feature Editor April 18, 2019

The phrase “zero waste” can be an intimidating phrase for those with a desire to become more eco-friendly or green in their lives. Thinking about the waste that the average person goes through in a...

Whitman Junior Trung Vu served in the Marines prior to attending Whitman.

Are Whitties Open to Discussing the Military?

Lena Friedman , Feature Writer April 11, 2019

What’s it like to have ties to the military in a relatively small, liberal arts college environment? A few students at Whitman share in this very experience, and can attest to how it affects their interactions...

Illustration by Sylvie Corwin

The Dirt on Dating

Alex Brockman, Feature Editor April 4, 2019

Writing an article on Whitman’s Dating scene for the Wire I thought I knew what I would hear. As a second semester junior, I have seen a lot of discontent in some of my peers, myself included, in the...

Shanty Town Biscuits reimagines the traditional breakfast sandwiches vegan style.

Shanty Town Biscuits Proves that Comfort Food Can Be Vegan

Lena Friedman , Feature Writer April 3, 2019

“We’re not a health food truck; we’re a vegan biscuit truck,” said Caitlin Rockey, co-owner of plant-based biscuit shop Shanty Town Biscuits in Walla Walla. Husband and wife Aaron Mooney and...

Senior Thesis: Research Bringing Students Around the World

Alex Brockman, Feature Editor March 7, 2019

Genevive Foster: Rethinking the Hawaiian Luau Genevieve Foster, a senior Anthropology major, is using her personal experience of growing up in Hawaii and her love for creative non-fiction in her thesis...

Illustration by Abby Takahashi

Creating Spaces for All: Whitman Clubs for Many Interests

Sophie Leibsohn, Staff Writer February 28, 2019

Dance Team: a Community through Movement Leksi Kostur, a senior psychology major, has been co-running the Dance Team, a club on campus that invites students to let off steam through fun original...

Adam Rooney, Jhunam Sidhu, and Nadyieli Gonzalez Ortiz (left to right) the founders and leaders of the new Inter(national) Whitties Club.

Inter(national) Whitties: a Space to Share and Simply Hang Out

Alex Brockman, Feature Editor February 23, 2019

While each Whitman student may have the common experiences of the hardships of freshman year, eating in the dining hall and expanding their world view through new classes, each student experiences their...

Whitman's Interfaith Chaplain Adam Kirtley with his band Rogue Lobster. Libby Miller, Adjunct Professor of General Studies, is also in the band.

Whitman Faculty Gigging and Gaining Recognition Around Town

Lena Friedman, Feature Writer February 8, 2019

Whitman Faculty Gigging and Gaining Recognition Around Town Whitman students are familiar with the passion professors have for their studies inside the classroom, but some may be surprised to hear about...

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