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“More flexibility”: Faculty raise concerns over college management

Michael Conlin-Elsen, Feature Reporter October 8, 2020

As Whitman faces a year like no other, some faculty members have expressed concerns over the shifting priorities of the college management. In August, Whitman’s chapter of the American Association...

Photo contributed by Mary Raschko.

Whitman welcomes new courses amid search for interdisciplinary collaboration

Ellie Van Gorden, Feature Reporter October 8, 2020

Beginning Arabic and the First Year Seminars have both emerged after years of deliberation and push from both faculty and students. In the hope of diversifying and expanding what a liberal arts education...

Illustration by Anika Vucicevic.

Don’t zoom through your mental health

Genevieve Vogel, Feature Reporter October 1, 2020

Students are constantly facing mental health challenges, but now, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they must also attempt to continue their education online. Previously published in “Viva la remote...

Photo contributed by Alli Shinn.

Students on leave turn away from academics and toward themselves

Ellie Van Gorden, Feature Reporter September 24, 2020

By now, we’re all familiar with the daily commute from our kitchens to our desks and back. Zoom is now a noun and the timely muting and unmuting of a microphone is an envious talent. But for some Whitman...

A history of student activism for racial justice on campus

Piper Olsen, Feature Reporter September 24, 2020

There has been an increased spotlight on contemporary issues of racial discrimination at Whitman, but current activists argue that we must not forget the legacy of unacknowledged work and demands of BIPOC...

Illustration by Anika Vučićević.

Viva la remote revolución: students and faculty wrestle with online learning

Michael Conlin-Elsen, Feature Reporter September 17, 2020

The “business of education,” as Dean of Students Kazi Joshua explained last semester, “must continue,” apocalypse notwithstanding. As we held our collective breath waiting for school to resume,...

Photo contributed by Jessica Hernandez Luis.

First year fall FOMO

Genevieve Vogel, Feature Reporter September 17, 2020

FOMO— the Fear of Missing Out. Whitman College’s decision to hold fall semester via remote learning left some students feeling FOMO about what is popularly referred to as the “freshman experience.”...

Evangelos Sarantinos

Whitman seniors become Watson fellows

Miyona Katayama, Feature Reporter May 13, 2020

Seniors Evangelos Sarantinos and Cameron Conner have been awarded the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship: a one-year grant of $30,000 that supports 12 months of independent travel. According to Keith Raether,...

Roller derby by and for Walla Walla women

Eleanor Dudley , Feature Reporter May 11, 2020

Whipping around the track, the Walla Walla Sweets Rollergirls navigate offense and defense in tandem. Solidarity and strength dominate their sport; power is channeled into play. This transformative...

Whitman's Counseling Center has experienced an influx of student need over the 2019-2020 school year. Photos by Michael Lans

Is mental health care accessible at Whitman? Looking towards solutions and improvement

Miyona Katayama, Feature Reporter March 10, 2020

Over the 2019-2020 school year, demand has gone up at Whitman's counseling center. Whitman administration and students have been active in questioning the factors that have lead to this rise, the lack...

The Market by Andy's, an offshoot of Andy's Market in College Place, features a fresh smoothie and juice bar. Photos by Amara Garibyan

New Walla Walla businesses bring spaces for community to thrive

Malia Brooks, Feature Reporter March 5, 2020

Although March may be the time during which New Year's Resolutions start to fizzle out, three new Walla Walla businesses are charging full-steam ahead into 2020. In the past few months, Carte Coffee,...

Sophomore Fadia Chehadeh enjoys the connections and relationships she gains working on campus. Photos by Beej Haas

Navigating visas and more: Whitman international students search for next steps

Alex Brockman, Feature Editor February 27, 2020

With Whitman’s graduation gradually drawing nearer, seniors are faced with the often intimidating task of planning their next steps. For many international students this stress is coupled with the complexity...

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