Please Resume All Normal Activity: White Students Fleeting Socially-Responsible Distaste for ASWC Forgotten After Four Day

Annelise Ellingboe

Monday, 8 a.m. – Following ASWC’s public interrogation of a number of womxn of color requesting funding to attend a conference at last week’s Senate meeting, an email went out informing the student body of the infraction. After reading the email, a handful of white students expressed shock and concern at the senators’ behavior, as ASWC was mildly scolded and loosely held accountable for their actions. While the W.O.C. pointed out that similar interactions can be seen every day in nearly every classroom on campus, white students were only truly concerned after they received the official ASWC email. Campus half-assedly gossiped about the meeting as whites packed their climbing gear into their Subarus and made their way toward Seattle.

Illustration by Haley King

Following the four day weekend, however, white students have returned to their comfortable AND complacent routines. After a good unseasoned meal and a few days back in suburbia, an adequate buffer period has been established, so that the whites no longer need to feel placidly guilty, knowing that the emailed apology (which deftly pointed out ASWC’s Power and Privilege) has fixed racism on campus, and no womxn of color will ever have her legitimacy questioned ever again. Apparently, “ too little too late” really is the approach we needed to fix prejudice on campus.