Worth the risk?

Cindy Chang

“Don’t be so afraid of doing something that you do nothing”

These were the sage words of wisdom that were imparted to us yesterday night at TPC’s Homelessness Colloquium by Broad Street Ministries representatives.  I have definitely found that statement to be true this week, especially since I dived head first into my internship on Monday.

It’s easy to become fearful of a big city and not want to venture outside of your comfort zone, especially when you don’t know your way around.  However, if you let your fear paralyze you there are so many treasures that go uncovered!  For example, on Tuesday my new friend whom I had met Monday suggested that we venture south in search of a restaurant for lunch.  Immediately, all sorts of doubts ran through my mind.  What if we don’t make it back in time?  What if we get lost?  I quashed my doubts, and readily agreed to go exploring with her.  We managed to find the cutest little deli just a few streets south of city hall that served amazing sandwiches and had a nice atmosphere.  I think it was the most enjoyable lunch I had all week.  If I hadn’t let go of my inhibitions, I never would have uncovered that little gem.

On Wednesday I observed a jury trial, and when the day ended the ADA asked me what questions she should ask the defendant on cross-examination.  I literally sat there blinking at her for maybe a minute. This was the woman that the entire unit regards as “The First Lady of the First Degree”.  Watching her work is watching genius in action.  It was so startling that she wanted my advice and my opinions, and I was so scared that any questions I submitted to her would be silly or obvious.  I was definitely tempted to just shrug and say I didn’t know, but she had already shoved a pad of sticky notes and a pen in my direction. Hesitantly, I scribbled down some questions and slid the pad back to her.  Her eyes lit up, and she thundered “I like this!”  The next day, lo and behold, she asked the defendant two of the questions I had brainstormed and he was struck dumb by one.  It’s so exciting to know that I contributed to a case that made the news!

You never know what’s going to happen-risks may lead to big opportunities or exciting events.  And if not, then you will still have learned something in the process, and knowledge is always worth gaining.

I have so many more examples I would love to gush about, but I have to cut this short because my housemates are demanding a strict departure time of 5:30 to go explore the art galleries open every first Friday of the month.

Worth the risk of developing hypothermia and getting lost in the dark?  Definitely. 🙂