Live Blog: Issue 13

Wow! The very last production night. I’m so proud of everything we’ve done as a team this semester, and I’m excited to read about campus happenings online from Spain in the next few months!

As a special treat, here is the (slightly edited) list of my favorite quotes from production nights past!!

“The woman shaved me in the parking lot.” -Mitchell

“It was a Goldfish, and it went in dry.” -Anthony, coughing

“VIP. Very in Pain.” -Mickey

“Do you want to bump?” -Marra

“It’s a little woody.” -Mitchell, playing clarinet

“What’s wrong with eating old people?” -Yarden, on raisins

“I’m a human, Marra, not spellcheck!” -Anthony

“Baby carrots kind of freak me out.” -Christy

P.S. Happy holidays!