Live Blog: Issue 6


5:12- The pages are looking good! Editors are filtering in and out to write captions and headlines.

5:43- We had a “Bagpipe Gram” from a mysterious Wire admirer! It was very exciting. Here he is.bagpipe

6:30- We have found Georgia’s cool gloves! They have tiny animals on the fingers.

6:35- We are now on amazon looking at children’s gloves.

6:46- Mitch has left for his night class. What are we supposed to do without his leadership?

7:20- I’m off to my Wednesday night movie screening, leaving only a handful of editors in the office. The paper is in good shape- after a bit of polishing it will be ready! This week we have a great review of the Netflix documentary “Amanda Knox” in our A&E section as well as an article about concussions in Sports. I’m looking forward to reading the rest! Pick up a copy tomorrow morning.