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Live Blog: Issue 11

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It’s so weird that we only have two issues left this Fall!! It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we are all feeling pretty anxious for a break. Here’s the timeline.

5:10- Was the play shown this weekend Antigo Nick or Antigonick?? We will never know (the poster and brochure disagree), but after a passionate debate A&E editor Eric has chosen the first option.

5:37- Christy is wondering what to get in terms of snacks at Safeway. We learn of her deep distrust of baby carrots.

5:39- “On Monday in lab I was overexposed to Methanol and I had to go to the gym so that I would sweat it out.” -Marra “Oh, in my politics class I was overexposed to Marx.” -Mitch

6:13- The Campus Climate Survey results are fascinating. I can’t wait to read tomorrow’s article!

6:34- Does Donald Trump have an instagram?

6:34- Yes.

6:41- “Callie, can I sit in your seat?” -Ben “Yeah, I’m copying this page and then we can switch.” -Callie “Wow, I love the coordination!” -Mitch “Communication is the key to a good newspaper.” -Ben

Unitl next time!


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Whitman news since 1896
Live Blog: Issue 11