Live Blog: Issue 5

Tonight production night is on Tuesday so we can distribute Issue 5 before Fall Break. Right now we have the Vice Presidential Debate playing on a laptop, and everyone who isn’t working or doing homework is playing an imessage word game. Clearly, we are all giant nerds! So here are some stats.

  • Number of times Mickey told the pencil story*: 4
  • Number of times Mickey asked, “Did you hear the pencil story”: 5
  • Minutes spent in the newsroom watching the Vice Presidential Debate: 68
  • Estimated percentage of clementines eaten from the full bag: 63%
  • Number of times I beat Anthony in the word game: 0
  • Number of times Anthony beat me in the word game: 2

Have a good Fall Break!







*Today Mickey watched a kid in front of her silently eat his pencil during class. Ask her about it.