Live Blog Issue 5

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A happy hello to all of our devoted readers, this is our second consecutive Pioneer late night live blog. I’ll be providing up to date coverage of this special Tuesday edition of Pioneer production.

4:13 PM: Marra and Sarah work frantically to track down a photo. The snacks are not here yet…so the room is tense.

4:16 PM: Due to the upcoming 4-day break, the Pioneer will be publishing Issue 5 on Wednesday instead of Thursday. Please look out for the paper tomorrow at noon and bring it home to your friends and families.

4:26 PM: Look out for some fantastic contributed photos in this upcoming issue. Also, Adam forgot snacks. The room is abuzz with disappointment and hunger.

5:20 PM: Snacks have been acquired and the production room is up and running. Sarah and Marra will leave soon, trusting myself with any crises that may arise. This may be a tough proposition though, as I have the AL Wildcard game to watch. Decisions, decisions…

5:30 PM: Fun fact: Shout out to Robbie Clay, likely the only reader of the production night live blog.

7:09 PM: Apparently our clock is broken.

IMAG0579 copy

8:01 PM: Art director Maggie Baker is currently rearranging chairs in the Pio Office…and directing art?

8:18 PM: Both news editors are pouring over their section’s articles, copy editors are in the process of examining every last comma, semicolon, and lede. The paper has begun to take shape (it will be a rectangle, as usual).

8:57 PM: The newsroom is definitely losing some of its energy. The good news is that copy editing is almost complete and the paper is close to finished! Early again!

9:24 PM: Marra here! A studious and sleep-deprived Managing Editor went home for the evening so I will be providing more updates. The current newsroom jam: “Santeria” by Sublime.

9:34 PM: We have finally finished the super-sized bag of Skittles that A&E editor Martina brought to production night last week. Time to check that off the bucket list…

9:45 PM: Chief Copy Editor / in-house DJ Rachel has taken over the tunes. We brace for Fergie.

10:52 PM: We’re wrapping things up, folks. pdfpdfpdf