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Can I still exercise during the outbreak?

Yes! Outdoor exercise is beneficial for mental health, and it is encouraged as long as you practice social distancing. The stay at home order doesn’t mean that outdoor spaces shouldn’t be used. However, it is best to stay in your neighborhood to reduce the need for travel. 

How can I stay connected to Whitman friends during this time? 

Technology is a great way to stay in touch with friends. Tools like Zoom and Google Meet aren’t just for school; they can be used with friend groups as well. Try scheduling a weekly time for all your friends to meet up and play games, or have a happy hour. Netflix Party can be used to watch beloved movies or shows with friends. The app Houseparty also has games and is a great way to facilitate spontaneous meetings. Whitman also recently set up a virtual campus where members of the community will post videos and ways to stay active and creative. 

This can also be a chance to expand the people you talk to. Reach out to a grandparent or family member you don’t normally speak with and give them a call. Or, use the ol’ snail mail and send a friend or family member a letter. 

What can I do at home to entertain myself? 

Here are 50 ideas! 

1. Learn a new language.

Rosetta Stone offers 3 months free for students.

The National Association of the Deaf offers ASL resources.

Duolingo offers games to aid in language learning. 

2. Practice meditation.

Good Housekeeping compiled a list of 11 free apps

3. Learn to knit 

4. Learn to sew 

5. Learn to cross-stitch 

6. Build a fort 

7. Watch a livestream concert 

8. Watch all the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

9. Start a journal 

10. Create a collage

11. Create a book

12. Learn how to draw comics

13. Create a zine 

14. Learn a dance routine

15. Learn and make a new recipe.

The Food Network, Allrecipes and eBizMBA all have recipe ideas to try out. Be sure to acquire ingredients safely!

16. Write a handwritten letter 

17. Write a song 

18. Listen to an album or band you’ve never heard of

19. Make a small inside garden

20. Watch spoken word performances

21. Do online crossword puzzles 

22. Play online sudoku 

23. Start a vlog channel

24. Learn how to juggle

25. Test out life hacks

26. Explore new films on Kanopy

The site is free for Whitman students.

27. Take a virtual tour through Yellowstone National Park

28. Tie-dye some fabric with vegetables

29. Learn to make a sourdough starter

30. Sew a mask  

31. Draw a positive message to the neighborhood and hang it in your window

32. Learn calligraphy 

33. Color famous painting coloring pages

34. Write a poem  

35. Play Solitaire 

36. Make a bucket list 

37. Zoom or FaceTime with friends

38. Journal daily 

Writer Suleika Jaouad posts daily prompts on her Instagram page.

39. Read a new book

40. Clean out your closet 

HuffPost has some tips.

41. Practice yoga 

Yoga with Adriene is a popular yoga YouTube channel to check out.

42. Watch Oscar-nominated films 

43. Learn to make mocktails

44. Origami  

45. Listen to a new podcast

46. Go on a walk or run

47. Visit a museum (virtually)

48. Learn to make dalgona whipped coffee 

49. Learn printmaking – with potatoes!

50. Make a playlist for a friend

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