KWCW Show of the Week

Daniel Kim

Show: ‘Vibe City’

Time: 8 a.m. – 9 a.m.

Host: Emily Jordan

The host of “Vibe City” hails from Southern California, and with her comes the influence of West-Coast music, featuring many genres that reflect Southern California vibes. Currently Jordan has been playing and listening to electronic and hip-hop as well as ’90s and early 2000s rap and R&B. There is always a wild card thrown into the mix. Jordan believes that the KWCW radio show is a chance for not only herself, but for others to experience the musical culture of Southern California.

Coming up with the show name on a whim, Jordan believes that the show name encompasses the character of the show, which is making sure that she puts good vibes on the air. To her, it is all about the mood she is trying to present within each show rather than sticking to a strictly selected genre-based radio show. With her unique taste in music, she hopes to influence others into the vibes she transmits through the air.