KWCW Show of the Week

Daniel Kim

Show title: Bring Da’ Ruckus
Time: 12-2 a.m. on Mondays
Host: Tim Kent AKA DJ Yung Whippa Snappa
“Bring Da’ Ruckus,” named after a Wu-Tang song, sheds new light onto the genre of hip-hop. Kent, a hip-hop enthusiast and advocate, wants to show that there is so much diversity within the genre that drives so much of our mainstream culture. He wanted to express his passion and share his love of hip-hop, giving listeners a trip through the regions and different genres within the genre every week. Beginning with a homage to Wu-Tang –– after all, his show is named after one of their songs –– Kent plays three new songs from the previous week, commenting on what has been going on in the hip-hop world, upcoming releases and hip-hop news. The listener gets a taste of so many different types and figures of hip-hop. Kent’s hope is that this audience can really see the way that the genre has changed over the years in terms of production, lyricism and themes. There is so much to know about hip-hop. Despite only being around for about 30 years, hip-hop has contributed to our society in an important way. “Bring Da’ Ruckus” explores how the genre has changed along with our culture and its lasting influence. It’s our music and aimed at our generation. Kent has so much love for the good memories that he has committed to listening to only hip-hop on air. “Bring Da’ Ruckus!”