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Student band Plateau realeases new CD, plans summer tour

Expect many changes for student band and Coffeehouse regular Plateau. The band released their second album and will tour the West Coast this summer.

Plateau, whose musical style bass player and junior Matt Sweeney describes as “jangly-punky aesthetic with melodic sensibility”, originated in Enumclaw, Wash.–where the band’s name derives.

“We took the name partly from the place where we come from––-the Enumclaw Plateau––-and partly from a Nirvana cover of Meat Puppet’s song ‘Plateau’,” said senior Adrian Tuohy, the band’s lead singer, guitarist and songwriter. “I think now we get a little philosophical about it, but that’s the origin [of the name].”

“Plateau has actually existed in various incarnations since my freshman year of high school. Adrian, Matt and I all went to high school together,” said junior Alex Folkerth, Plateau’s drummer and producer.

Plateau’s newest album Albany Park was released at the end of December. According to Sweeney, the new album differs from the band’s first in its musical and recording style.

“Our first album …   has a bit more of a stripped down feel and a very particular sound, probably due to the fact that the basic tracking was actually recorded in Kimball [Hall],” said Sweeney. “Albany Park, for me, has more melodic and textural variety.”

The band’s upcoming tour might top their excitement about Albany Park. Plateau has booked several venues from Olympia to Los Angeles.

“We’re excited to get out of town and show our stuff to some new people and get exposure, but mostly we want to see how it goes and have a good time while doing it,” said Tuohy.

Unfortunately Sweeney will not join them on their tour, as he secured an internship at the Tacoma Art Museum for the summer.

“I am deeply saddened that the tour is not in the cards for me,” said Sweeney. “The tour sounds like a fantastic time, and I absolutely wish them the best of luck at getting exposed and making money, but this opportunity is too good to pass up.”

Senior Patrick Miller will replace Sweeney as the band’s bass player and backup vocalist. Miller also performed with Tuohy their freshman year in the band Lucid Dream, which gives him the experience needed to fill Sweeney’s role.

“Patty’s an ideal replacement because one of the really valuable things about having Matt in the band was his ability to sing harmony while playing complex bass lines,” said Folkerth. “[Miller] already has experience singing harmonies and can fulfill both the bass and vocal roles vacated by Matt.”

“I’m super excited to be on the band, and I’ve been practicing nearly every day with Adrian, learning the new songs and getting back in the groove,” said Miller.

The band, while currently on hiatus due to Folkerth’s study abroad experience, has high expectations for the road ahead.

“What better way to start off the summer than traveling the coast playing music?” said Miller.

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    AlysMar 23, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    This Folkerth kid sounds like someone I’d really love to spend a week in Africa with. Inshallah that happens and the tour makes it to LA.