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French Election Signals Danger

Rina Cakrani, Columnist
May 4, 2017
Filed under OPINION

If you have ever wondered what the female version of Trump would be like, the answer is Marine Le Penn, one of the candidates in the French presidential elections, who is now in the second and final stage against Emmanuel Macron. Many remember her for going against her father for the leadership of ...

Killing the Conservative Paradigm

Cyril Burchenal, Columnist
February 5, 2017
Filed under Columnists, OPINION

In years past, both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates have closely represented the views of their respective parties. This is no such year. The campaign promises of President Donald J. Trump show just how atypical of a Republican President he will be. The change of the Republi...

The slow decline of Democracy

Cy Burchenal
September 22, 2016
Filed under OPINION

As of September 16, Edgar Matobato, an alleged death squad member, levelled allegations against Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte including, but not limited to, murder. This is a mere sliver of the ongoing scandal happening in the Philippines. The South Pacific nation was placed in the unfortunate position of ha...

Conservatives discuss “right” to speak on liberal campus

Emily Lin-Jones
September 29, 2011
Filed under NEWS

It's no secret that Whitman is an overwhelmingly liberal campus. Liberal viewpoints are so prevalent within the student body that it is difficult to pinpoint any real conservative population within the larger whole. Though right-leaning students exist, many are hesitant to be open about their views. "It...

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