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2016-2017 Staff

Wil Kotnik


Wil Kotnik is a first-year blogger, with a currently undecided major. He is the author of the blog “Breaching the Whitman Bubble,” which focuses on bringing present-day political events inside the sifting current of Whitman...

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Maggie Chang

Staff Reporter

Maggie Chang is a first year science major from Danville, California. She is currently writing for the news section. Maggie enjoys cooking, traveling and being a wolf on all levels except physical.

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Arie Knops

Staff Reporter

Arie Knops is a senior Film and Media Studies major from Bellingham, Washington. He writes for both the Sports and Humor sections of the paper. He also DJ's The Arie Hour on KWCW and enjoys playing every intramural sport possible.

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A&E Reporter

Zuhra is a Race and Ethnic Studies Major with a focus on literature and art. She is currently absorbed in literary and rhetorical theory and doesn't have time for anything much, besides exploring technology, music, and writing.

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Gaby Thomas

Staff Reporter

Gaby is a sophomore, soon to be BBMB major, from San Diego California.  She currently holds the position of Sports Reporter for The Wire.  She has experience in the realm of athletics due to her participation on the varsity ...

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Jesse Sindelar

Staff Reporter

Jesse is a sophomore Psychology and Film major from Salt Lake City, Utah. He is currently writing for the sports section of The Wire. Jesse likes soccer, skiing, and making a really good poached egg.

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Cherokee Washington

Staff Reporter

Los Angeles native Cherokee Washington is a senior Psychology and Rhetoric double major, member of the Whitman volleyball team, and new writer for the Wire's sports section. As a typical Californian, Cherokee enjoys photography,...

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Lindsey Brodeck

Staff Reporter/ Columnist

Lindsey Brodeck is a third year Environmental Studies Biology major from Bend, OR who currently writes for the Wire's news and opinion sections. She's passionate about environmental sustainability and health and wellness. In her...

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Kate Grumbles

News Writer

Kate Grumbles is a first year humanities major from St. Paul, Minnesota. She is currently a writer for the news section. Kate enjoys being outdoors, traveling, and being a 10 out of 10 in every aspect of her life.

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Mitchell Smith

Editor in Chief

Mitchell Smith is a senior Politics Major from the beautiful city of Seattle, WA. After serving as a staff reporter and Sports Editor in recent years, this year Mitchell became the Editor in Chief of The Wire. In his free time, ...

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Kerr Ivan Cirilo

Production Manager

Kerr Ivan is a Junior Religion and Studio Art major. He is currently the Wire's Production Manager. You can probably find him in the Newsroom or in the Darkroom, he's not big on the outdoors.

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Ridley Eastland-Fruit

Sports Editor

Ridley is a sophomore 3/2 Mechanical Engineering major and serves as Sports Editor for The Wire. Along with tracking Whitman's sports scene, Ridley enjoys soccer, hiking, and a good cheesecake.

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Andrew Schwartz

News Editor

Andrew Schwartz ('18) is a News Editor for the Wire. In past year's, he's co-hosted the Pio Radio Hour on KWCW, and written for the news and feature sections of the paper. He is a philosophy major. See him in the Cypher Circle...

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Natalie Mutter

Photography Editor

Natalie Mutter is a sophomore Biology major from Burien, Washington. She serves as a photography editor for The Wire. She is often spotted around campus carrying mugs of tea, enthusing over fungi and birds, and drawing dinosaurs...

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Tywen Kelly

Editor of Photography, Editor of Videography

Tywen Kelly, Junior, Film and Media Studies Major, co-Editor of Photography and Editor of Videography. Currently invested in computational photography, augmented/mixed/virtual reality, and Instagram.

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Mickey Shin

Managing Editor, Production Associate

Mickey Shin is a sophomore Philosophy major from Richland, Washington. She is currently The Wire's Managing Editor and Production Associate for the News section. A fun fact about Mickey is that she used to compete in editorial...

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Peggy Li

Opinion Editor

20 years young, and loving it! Peggy is an ESFJ Sagittarius, who's rising sun is Taurus and descendent sign is Pisces. When she's not working, she enjoys meeting new people, candle lit dinners and long walks on the beach. Here...

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Callie Brown

Chief Copy Editor

Callie Brown is a junior English major from Los Altos, California. She is currently The Wire’s Chief Copy Editor. She enjoys being caffeinated, breakfast foods, and long walks on the beach.

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Eric Anderson

A&E Editor

Eric is an English major from Bellevue, Washington. He was the editor of the Arts & Entertainment section of the Whitman Wire during the 2016-2017 year, and had previously worked as a staff writer for the section. When not...

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Alex Brockman

Feature Writer

Alex Brockman is a first year  planning on majoring in English. She writes for the Whitman Wire’s feature section and is currently training for a half marathon.

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Alissa Antilla

Feature Writer

Alissa Antilla is a first-year prospective English and Art History double major from Minnetonka, Minnesota. She currently serves as a feature reporter for The Wire. Alissa hopes to eventually make journalism her career as a reporter...

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Anthony Reale

Humor Editor

Anthony Reale is a sophomore English-Theatre double major from Los Angeles, CA.  He is currently the Humor Editor for The Wire.  He frequently mixes up the bands U2 and Coldplay.

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Olivia Gilbert

Feature Editor

Olivia Gilbert is a sophomore and intended Environmental Humanities major from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She edits the Feature Section of the Wire. Olivia likes to cook and collect rooster-related items.

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